How do I connect Cube to my smartphone?

Cube uses Bluetooth 4.0 (otherwise known as Bluetooth Low Energy, BLE, or Bluetooth Smart). This is not Bluetooth as it used to be - no manual pairing or annoying searching. Pairing your Cube is a seamless process. 

Cube will automatically connect to your mobile device when Cube Companion App is open and Bluetooth is turned on. The Status icon will indicate when your Cube is paired: 



How to pair.

Getting started: Ensure Bluetooth is on. On iOS, swipe up from the bottom and tap the Bluetooth logo. On Android, go to 'Settings' and toggle the Bluetooth bar.


  • Open the Cube Companion App
  • Follow the instructions in the startup sequence until you reach the "Get Started" page
  • Firmly press Cube’s Touch Button to turn it on. Cube’s Status Indicator Light will glow solid white when ready
  • Swipe left to reach “Searching for Cube”. Your mobile device will now attempt to find and pair with your Cube
  • If Cube pairs successfully, the app will transition to the “Success!” page after a few seconds
  • A pop-up message will let you know if Cube cannot pair to your mobile device. If this is the case, ensure Cube is on and that Bluetooth is enabled. Select “Try Again”

If you have trouble trying to pair with your Cube, please follow the instructions here.

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