How do I match to Photoshop spot color libraries?

To match a captured color to one of Photoshop's supported spot color libraries:

  1. Capture the color you would like to match (this should import as your foreground color)
  2. Click on the foreground color picker to display the color window
  3. Click the 'Color Libraries' button and choose your desired color library from the drop down menu
  4. Photoshop will automatically find the best match in your chosen library.

The Adobe Color Picker supports the following color systems:


Commonly used for newspaper applications. The ANPA-COLOR ROP Newspaper Color Ink Book contains samples of the ANPA colors.

Commonly used for printing projects in Japan. For more information, contact Dainippon Ink & Chemicals, Inc., in Tokyo, Japan.


Consists of 763 CMYK colors. Focoltone colors help avoid prepress trapping and registration problems by showing the overprints that make up the colors. A swatch book with specifications for process and spot colors, overprint charts, and a chip book for marking up layouts are available from Focoltone. For more information, contact Focoltone International, Ltd., in Stafford, United Kingdom.

HKS Swatches 

Used for printing projects in Europe. Each color has a specified CMYK equivalent. You can select from HKS E (for continuous stationery), HKS K (for gloss art paper), HKS N (for natural paper), and HKS Z (for newsprint). Color samplers for each scale are available. HKS Process books and swatches have been added to the color system menu.


TOYO Color Finder 1050

Consists of more than 1000 colors based on the most common printing inks used in Japan. The TOYO Process Color Finder book and swatches have been added to the color system menu. The TOYO Color Finder 1050 Book contains printed samples of Toyo colors and is available from printers and graphic arts supply stores. For more information, contact Toyo Ink Manufacturing Co., Ltd., in Tokyo, Japan.


Provides predictable CMYK color matching with more than 2000 achievable, computer-generated colors. Trumatch colors cover the visible spectrum of the CMYK gamut in even steps. The Trumatch Color displays up to 40 tints and shades of each hue, each originally created in four-color process and each reproducible in four colors on electronic imagesetters. In addition, four-color grays using different hues are included. For more information, contact Trumatch Inc., in New York City, New York.

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