What information does Pico provide?

Pico finds the best color matches in a range of in-built and custom color collections, and also provides raw color values:

1. Raw color values

Both the Pico App display raw values in a number of color spaces:

  • RGB (profiles supported: sRGB and Adobe RGB)
  • CMYK (profiles supported: FOGRA39 and US Web Coated SWOP v2)
  • LAB (D50)
  • HEX
  • LRV (Light Reflectance Value)

2. Matching to color collections

The Pico App stores a number of color collections which can be matched to upon capturing a color. The closest match will automatically be displayed for a given collection. In-built collections include:

Paint_Logo-01.png Paint_Logo-02.png Paint_Logo-03.png Paint_Logo-04.png Paint_Logo-05.png
Paint_Logo-06.png Paint_Logo-07.png Paint_Logo-08.png Paint_Logo-09.png Paint_Logo-10.png
Paint_Logo-11.png Paint_Logo-12.png Paint_Logo-13.png Paint_Logo-14.png Paint_Logo-15.png
Paint_Logo-16.png Paint_Logo-17.png Paint_Logo-18.png Paint_Logo-19.png Paint_Logo-20.png
Paint_Logo-21.png Paint_Logo-22.png Paint_Logo-23.png Paint_Logo-24.png Paint_Logo-25.png
  Paint_Logo-26.png Paint_Logo-27.png Paint_Logo-28.png  

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3. Matching to custom color collections

The Pico App also enables you to create your own color palettes, and find matches to them later on. This way, you can scan in a range of custom colors, share them with colleagues, and use your new custom color collection as a matching palette.

Note: Color palette matching is not supported in Australia and New Zealand.

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