How do I zero my Pico?

It's important to keep your Pico properly zeroed to maintain optimum accuracy and consistency.

When do I need to zero?

Pico is designed with an in-built smart zero feature.

This means that if you're using the Pico App, for most applications you will only need to zero your Pico on first setup, and subsequently only when the Pico App requests a zero.

However, for highly color sensitive applications, you may wish to manually zero each time before using Pico, and regularly during use.

How do I zero Pico?

To zero your Pico, you'll need:

  • Your Pico!
  • Your Pico's rubber cap

Note: Each polyelastomer cap is matched to a specific Pico. Although you can interchange caps, this is not recommended and can sometimes lead to inaccurate zero results.

Pico App on iOS/Android

  1. Open Pico App
  2. Place your Pico snugly in the rubber cap (make sure Pico is firmly pressed into the cap)
  3. Tap the menu bar
  4. Tap "Zero Pico"
  5. When you see the green tick, your Pico has been successfully zeroed 
ZeroPico-16-16.png ZeroPico-17.png
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